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The STG is an innovative web based calculation tool that can be accessed anywhere. The STG is the only online structural steel translation guide available in Australasia. It allows designers to undertake a performance comparison of cold formed hollow sections to hot rolled open sections with just the click of a mouse. It removes the need to consult lengthy guides and carry out complex physical calculations. The STG was created because Orrcon Steel recognised the need for a resource that would enable cost-effective design solution outcomes for engineers, architects and builders.


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As a loyal customer of Orrcon Steel / Metalcorp Toowoomba, MFE is focused on utilising local prod


As a loyal customer of Orrcon Steel / Metalcorp Toowoomba, MFE is focused on utilising local prod


<p>The harsh Australian environment wreaks havoc on the construction industry with an estim,

ALLGAL® is cold-formed structural steel hollow tube with a pre-galvanized zinc coating. It is manufactured using the ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) process and the zinc coating along the weld zone is restored using hot metal spray. It is finished with an organic clear coating to provide interim protection for transit and storage.

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Technical Resources

Vernier callipers are used to check the width & height on Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), Square Hollow Section (SHS) & Circular Hollow Section (CHS) product. They are also used to measure the inside (bore) diameter when a nominal bore is required.

There are various methods to remove white rust and repair damage, depending on the severity of the oxide coating.

Often early onset staining can be removed or significantly reduced by wiping with a little Kerosene, or vinegar then rinsing with water and drying.

Safety Data Sheets

Allgal or Pregal (Oiled) - Safety Data Sheet

HRSB - Safety Data Sheet


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