If you are interested in opening a trade account with Orrcon Steel, please follow the instructions below :

  1. Please contact your local Orrcon Steel branch first to determine your Account Manager.  CLICK HERE to go to the list of Orrcon Steel branches
  2. When navigating the application form, please use the “next” or “back” buttons at the bottom of the form. Using the browser back or forward buttons may result in losing information you have entered.
  3. Ensure that all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk are filled out. Progression to the next step will not be possible until all mandatory fields are filled out.
  4. Once the form is completed, the system will display a pdf. This will need to be printed out, signed, witnessed, dated and returned to the credit team via email at credit_apps@bluescopesteel.com  AND via post to Bluescope Accounts Receivable P O Box 837 Mt Waverley Vic 3149.

When you are ready to proceed, please go to the  ONLINE ACCOUNT CREDIT APPLICATION FORM  to complete your application. 

Please read our  Credit Reporting Policy.