The STG is an innovative web based calculation tool that can be accessed anywhere. The STG is the only online structural steel translation guide available in Australasia. It allows designers to undertake a performance comparison of cold formed hollow sections to hot rolled open sections with just the click of a mouse. It removes the need to consult lengthy guides and carry out complex physical calculations. The STG was created because Orrcon Steel recognised the need for a resource that would enable cost-effective design solution outcomes for engineers, architects and builders.

Orrcon Steel has recently been involved with two residential construction projects on Fraser Isla

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As a business of BlueScope, Orrcon Steel adheres to principles of quality, innovation, flexibility and dedication. These principles are achieved by going the extra mile in everything we do and working in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Orrcon Steel is a leading Australian distributor and manufacturer of Steel, Tube and Pipe.

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White rust is a white powdery deposit formed from a natural corrosion process that can occur on a

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Yard Rail (Allgal and Cleartec) - Safety Sheet

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