Orrcon Steel supplies pre-punched galvanised steel for use in commercial and residential buildings.  We offer a range of punching sections, profiles, lengths and hole dimensions.  See the guide below for more information.

Our Punched Rail products are manufactured from quality Australian made mild steel Galvabond® tubing.

Our Punched Rail

Punched steel railings can be used in a wide range of outdoor settings, and can fulfil a variety of needs and uses.

Steel fencing has the unique ability to provide the necessary security as well as aesthetic beauty at the same time.  With steel punched rail, you have the added advantage of being able to fashion your steel fence into just almost any type of design and as a result they can be some of the most beautiful forms of fencing on the market.  

There are many other benefits to choosing steel fencing as opposed to other counterparts.  Steel fencing stands the test of time as it is extremely durable, it won’t rust, and it requires very little maintenance.


Orrcon Steel provides a range of steel fencing products that can be used for the following:

  • Pool fencing
  • Domestic fencing
  • Commercial & industrial fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Balustrades
  • Safety barriers for road and railway stations
  • Gates
  • Privacy screens


There are many benefits to using our punched rail products, such as:

  • Saving time and operating costs
  • Our steel is precision pre-punched for easy & accurate picket assembly
  • We have a large range of assembly standard precision pre-punched hole centres
  • Our punched rail is manufactured from quality Australian made mild steel Galvabond® tubing
  • Do away with costly machinery maintenance & OHS issues that arise as a result of having the punch the steel yourself


Our Expertise

At Orrcon steel, we use sophisticated machinery to punch our steel rail products. When processing, our punching tools create holes and openings of any shape but most often are round, square, rectangular, and obround.  We are able to offer a range of punched rails that can save time and money in measuring and cutting for fence builders.  All rails of our rails are pre-punched to suit your requirements.  For volume orders, we may be able to manufacture to your specifications.


Our Promise

Orrcon Steel is an Australian steel manufacturer, specialising in steel tube and pipe products.  We supply steel to a number of industries across Australia, and have become a recognised brand name in the industry, as well as being our customers’ preferred choice for steel solutions. 

Our customers are at the core of our business, and we work hard to fulfil their steel requirements.  We know how important it is that you have the quality steel that you need, and that it is delivered hassle free and on time.  That’s why we have over 600 employees across the country, who strive to continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Orrcon Steel’s core business values are flexibility, responsiveness, approachability and friendliness. 

At Orrcon Steel, we are experts in the steel industry, and apply our knowledge and expertise to produce quality steel products that add value to our customers’ businesses.  We encourage our customers to give us feedback so that we can work on continuously improving our offering for them.


Our Products

Orrcon Steel supplies a range of quality building and fencing tools to make building and maintaining your fence as easy as possible. View our other products here:

  • Fence Panels
  • Fencing Extras
  • Fencing Joints
  • Gate Packs
  • Handrail Systems
  • Mesh & Wire
  • Post Caps
  • Rural Fencing and Gates
  • Tools


Structural Steel Info

Standard Grade* Yield Strength Tensile Strength CHS RHS & SHS
    MPa (min) MPa (min) <15 15-30 >30 <15 15-30 >30
AS1163 C250/C250L0 250 320 18 20 22 14 16 18
  C350/C350L0 350 430 16 18 20 12 14 16
  C450/C450L0 450 500 12 14 16 10 12 14

Characteristic Pipe (CHS) Rectangular & Square (RHS / SHS)
External dimensions (d, b, d0) ±1% with minimum of ±0.5mm& maximum ±10% ±1% with minimum of ±0.5mm
Thickness (t) d≤406.4mm ±10% ±10%
  d>406.4mm ±10% with max of ±2mm  
All Sections has a mass not less than 96% of specified nominal mass

Characteristic All Sections
Corner Radius ≤50x50mm equivalent perimeter 1.5t to 3t
Corner Radius >50x50mm equivalent perimeter 1.8t to 3t
Twist (v) ≤2mm ±0.5mm/m length
Concavity / Convexity Max 0.8% or 0.5mm, whichever is greater
Squareness 90 ± 1°
  Pipe (CHS) Rectangle & Square (RHS/SHS)
Straightness 0.20% of total length 0.15% of total length0.15% of total length