Orrcon Steel is a leading Australian distributor and manufacturer of steel, tube and pipe.

Our extensive product range covers RHS, SHS & CHS structural tubular steel, hot rolled structural steel and a variety of fencing, roofing and building accessories.

Broadspec Pipe

BROADSPEC® offers a range of structural steel tubulars and pressure pipe products that comply with multiple industry standards.

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dip Galvanised finished products are perfect for jobs that require longer lasting protection against all weather and all conditions.

Silo Section

A unique profile used to replace RHS in the Silo base ring. Available in our ALLGAL® finish.

Yard Rail

Orrcon Steel's Australian Made yard rail is a safe and economical steel solution for managing and protecting valuable livestock.

Cutting Discs

Quality disc metal cut offs in a range of sizes.

Masks & Gloves

Orrcon Steel have a range of welding masks. We also provide protective gloves including ninja foam and cowhide for your safety.

Deformed Bar

Deformed bar is used where extra reinforcing is required to fabric sheets or trench mesh.

Rods & Wires

Welding rods and wire are used in the welding process as a filler to create strong bond between the fuse metal.

Trade Tools

Our trade tools range will assist you with your building, roofing or fencing jobs.


Orrcon Steel supplies:

Roofing & Wall Profiles

Orrcon Steel panels and profiles offer an attractive and economic range of roof and wall profiles to meet both aesthetic and structural requirement

Rainwater Products

Orrcon Steel supplies a range of rainwater product needs including:

Purlins and Girts

Purlins & girts are made from high tensile steel and are to be fastened rather than welded.


We supply a range of steel roofing battens, which are light weight and strong and excellent alternative to timber battens.

Fence Panels

Manufactured from Australian, long life pre-painted COLORBOND® and extensively tested in harsh Australian weather conditions.

Fencing Extras

Whatever fence project needs attention, all your fencing accessories can be found at Orrcon Steel.

Fencing Joints

If you're looking to build a galvanised tube fence, you're going to need galvanised fencing joints on all posts.

Gate Packs

Orrcon Steel is a leading supplier of fence and gate fittings and has a comprehensive range of gate packs to suit most fence designs.

Handrail Systems

Orrcon Steel offers a comprehensive range of profiled handrail system products, these fabricated handrail components include stanchions, bends kick plates and mounting brackets. The handrail is fabricated in mild steel, in both black and galvanised finishes.

Mesh & Wires

Orrcon Steel's extensive wide range of fencing wire & mesh are made to meet Australian Standards, with quality testing to ensure trouble free fencing that will last.

Post Caps

Orrcon Steel supplies a range of post caps and finials in many sizes and styles. Post caps ensure that water doesn’t get into the internals of the posts and they also provide a quality finish to the product.

Punched Rail

Orrcon Steel’s punched rail will save you time and money in operation costs. Orrcon Steel supplies pre-punched galvanised steel which can be used across a wide range of products and offers long term benefits.

Rural Fencing & Gates

Orrcon Steel stocks a range of fence posts and gates for rural farming applications. All our gates and fencing are finished with coatings that last.


Orrcon Steel supplies a range of quality building and fencing tools to make building and maintaining your fence as easy as possible.

Activfire Scheme

ACTIVFIRE® Scheme is your assurance that our products have met the stringent requirements of CSIRO’s accreditation process. All Orrcon Steel products for the fire protection market have ActivFire® Scheme approval and are listed under the register of fire protection equipment.

Firepipe Coatings

SMARTCOTE® Firepipe Coating (painted in Venetian Red)

Pressure Drops & Flow Rates

Orrcon Steel have created full specification tables to assist pipe fabrication designers in optimising the use of mechanically jointed light wall steel pipes in SMARTCOTE®, ALLGAL® or Hot Dipped Galvanised Pipes.

ALLGAL® Coating

Whether it's for a shade structure, cattle yard, bus shelter, floor framing or fence post, ALLGAL is now specified and used in a myriad of applications across Australia and New Zealand.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Coatings & Finishes

Hot Dip Galvanised finished products are perfect for jobs that require longer lasting protection against all weather and all conditions. HDG is suitable for use in a wide range of pipe related applications.

Liquid ALLGAL Coating

Liquid ALLGAL® is a fast drying, high solids and high performance zinc-rich epoxy coating. It has been formulated to protect all steel products against corrosion while providing a good colour match for electro-galvanised and hot-dip galvanised zinc coatings.


SMARTCOTE® offers a number of advantages over oil based steel coatings and is used in a broad range of applications including welding, galvanising, painting and powder coating.

Standard Finishes

Orrcon offers a range of other Standard Finishes like Mill Finish, NOPC, MSGB and more...