Our O'Sullivan Beach mill video is now live on Youtube. Should you not have access to Youtube, the video can also be viewed on Vimeo by clicking here

The precision mill - located at O’Sullivan Beach in South Australia - started production in 1967 manufacturing the iconic Hills Hoist. 

Through on-going innovation, modifications and efficiency, the operation has evolved into a world class manufacturing hub for steel tube and pipe. 

Today, over 1,000 precision products are manufactured in a wide range of profiles, gauge thicknesses and steel grades.

12 tonne master coils are delivered and moved around site via a 15 tonne forklift.

The master coil is un-wound into the slitter, where steel blades cut the coil into predetermined widths at speeds up to 125 metres a minute. 

After slitting, the coils are re-wound on the re-coiler which “pulls” the strip through the blades. The slit coils are then strapped and moved to one of four Mills for rolling into steel tube.

The tube forming process starts with the slit coil being placed on the un-coiler, which feeds the coil into the mill. The strip runs through a series of forming rolls that form the strip edges into a circular shape ready for welding. An induction welder heats the edges of the coil strip to 1,250 degrees and the edges are “forged” together. The tubular product is then sized and formed into circular, rectangular, square and other steel shapes.

The manufacturing process is tightly controlled and product is verified by up to eighteen different quality checks, repeated throughout the production run. Once the tube forming process is complete, the tube is cut to size and de-burred as required.The product goes through final quality checks, is formed into packs and restrained with steel strapping. Finished product is despatched to Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp’s national distribution network via road and rail transport.

Orrcon Steel’s precision products are used for a range of purposes including furniture manufacturing, heat exchangers, fencing, exhaust systems and other applications.