Orrcon Steel's MAXI-TUBE® continues to go from strength to strength.

We recently worked with KWIKSURE Building Systems to offer a revolutionary non-welded construction system that integrates MAXI-TUBE® into steel framing. This new system enables significant material and labour cost savings on building projects.

The innovative zinc alloy coated steel section MAXI-TUBE® is also making a splash on the highly corrosive Surfers Paradise high-rise precinct. The Aquarius Building Sun Roof Frame was specified as fully welded MAXI-TUBE® with a marine grade paint specification.

Since it was launched in 2014, an increasing number of projects in aggressive environments have seen the benefits of using MAXI-TUBE® with it's ZM 275 coating.

For further information on why this innovative product was used on these projects, refer below:



The Little Snappers Swimming School at the Gladstone Swimming Centre required a durable coated steel product that reduced lead times, construction times, and costs by using a non-welded pre-coated finished product.

Orrcon Steel supplied 150 x 100 x 6, 100sq x 6, 100sq x 4, and 100 x 50 x 3 MAXI-TUBE®.

The KWIKSURE system was specified by Gladstone Drafting due to it’s efficiencies and pre-coated MAXI-TUBE® was specified as it provides the durable and cost effective solution required for the harsh swimming centre environment. The other advantage was the use of mill finish tubular sections and sandwich panels that provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The non-welded laser cut KWIKSURE system provided a structural solution in the cyclonic zone of Gladstone. The erection of the frame was completed in just two days.

For further information on the project, visit www.sidc.com.au to download brochures & contact the designer. You can also watch the video by clicking here



The Aquarius Building Penthouse Sun Roof Frame required a durable coated steel product that could facilitate the application of a marine grade paint specification. MAXI-TUBE® was the preferred system as it is durable, reduces lead times and costs, and has a consistent zinc alloy finish.

Orrcon Steel supplied 150 x 100 x 6, 100sq x 6, 75sq x 3 MAXI-TUBE®. The Paint Specification was a zinc epoxy at weld zones plus a 2 coat marine grade epoxy system.

The structure had to be fabricated on site due to access and lifting limitations, so a durable pre-coated steel tube section was essential for success. The pre-coated MAXI-TUBE® was specified by Reinmac Engineers as it provided all the solutions for the design and the corrosive coastal environment of Surfers Paradise.

The pre-coated MAXI-TUBE® has an engineered defect free surface that ensures high quality adhesion of paint. This is a major advantage in harsh coastal environments that require a marine grade specification. The MAXI-TUBE® weld zones were surface prepared with a Bristle Blaster power tool and coated with zinc rich epoxy prior to the intermediate and finish coats.

The corrosive environment required Stainless Steel to be used as cleats and base plates which provided a high quality outcome for fabricated MAXI-TUBE®.

For more information on Power Tool Surface Presentation and Stainless Steel Cleat Welding to MAXI-TUBE® go to www.maxitube.com.au.

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