A MAXI-TUBE® Coat Metal Spray coating system compliant with AS/NZS 2312 uses MAXI-TUBE® Wire for weld repair and plate connections. The alloy composition of MAXI-TUBE® Coat has been designed to complement the coating on MAXI-TUBE®. MAXI-TUBE® Grey paint has been specifically formulated to colour match MAXI-TUBE®. MAXI-TUBE® Grey is required over the Zinc-rich epoxy or Metalspray base coat to match the parent MAXI-TUBE® alloy colour. The durability of MAXI-TUBE®'s ZM275 coating shows high corrosion resistance in many aggressive environments with good galvanic protection. 

Benefits of MAXI-TUBE®:

  • Slower corrosion rate than zinc-coated steel. (Based on testing conducted by Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd) 

  • Suited for coastal, industrial, intensive farming, food processing and infrastructure applications.

  • Has good paint and powder coat adhesion, plus displays a high quality surface finish.

  • Lead times may be reduced by eliminating steps from traditional coating processes.

  • Achieves life cycle and maintenance cost benefits.

  • Available with a defined warranty.

  • With a coating 2.5 times* harder than galvanised steel, MAXI-TUBE® delivers superior scratch resistance.

  • Aesthetically pleasing mill finish with zero spangle and a smooth satin coating.

  • Demonstrates good weldability for ease of fabrication.

Typical Applications

MAXI-TUBE® is suitable for coastal environments and industrial applications as well as building infrastructure, floor framing, remote housing, playgrounds and shade structures. It is also used for infrastructure and transport projects in semi-marine & severe marine environments. MAXI-TUBE® is also used in the food & beverage processing industries, plus intensive farming and green houses.